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The state of Maine has minimum and maximum frame height laws that depend on the vehicle's GVWR. Other than that, there are no significant vehicle modification restrictions. This means that as long as frame height laws are obeyed, residents of Maine are free to install suspension lift kits, aftermarket wheels and tires, performance shocks, aftermarket bumpers, and grille guards.

Governing Laws


The Maine Revised Statutes (MRS) cover the street legal laws for the state.

MRS Title 29A

Vehicle Dimensions


Vehicle size in Maine cannot exceed 102 inches wide, 13 feet 6 inches tall, and 45 feet long for a single vehicle.

MRS 29A-2380
MRS 29A-2390

Tire Restrictions


Maine's laws restrict tire size to within 2 inches of the range of size tire recommended by the manufacturer of the vehicle. Tires must be in safe operating condition, without any bulges or exposed cords. There is a set minimum tread depth of 1/16 inch. Tires can be grooved as long as they are not cut below the original tread depth.

MRS 29A-1917
MRS 29A-1918

Wheel Restrictions


Maine's code makes no reference to wheels.

Braking Requirements


Vehicles with brakes on all 4 wheels must be able to stop within 30 feet from a speed of 20 mph. A secondary, mechanical, parking brake is required.

MRS 29A-1902

Steering Laws


Maine does not have any specific rules for a vehicle's steering system.

Suspension Laws


The only suspension laws on Maine's books state that the original suspension system cannot be disconnected and overload springs and heavy duty shock absorbers are allowed.

MRS 29A-1920

Frame Requirements


Maine has a minimum frame height of 10 inches (or factory frame height, whichever is lower). The maximum vehicle frame height is as follows:

Vehicle GVWR

Max. Frame Height

Under 4,501

Front: 24 inches | Rear: 26 inches

4,501 to 7,500

Front: 27 inches | Rear: 29 inches

7,501 to 10,000

Front: 28 inches | Rear: 30 inches

( Measured to the bottom of the frame. )

MRS 29A-1920

Bumper Restrictions


There is no information on bumpers in the Maine statutes.

Fender Requirements


Fenders are required to cover the full tire tread width in Maine.

MRS 29A-1756

Lighting Requirements


In addition to headlights and tail lights, vehicles in Maine are allowed to have several additional lights installed.



Min. Height

Max. Height


2 min.

22 inches

54 inches

Tail lights




Fog lights

2 max.


Below headlights

Aux. driving lights




( Measured to the center of the light. )

MRS 29A-1904
MRS 29A-1905
MRS 29A-1909

Window Laws


The Maine code does not specifically state that windshields or windshield wipers are required.

MRS 29A-1915

Exhaust Requirements


In Maine, vehicles are required to have mufflers. Exhaust cutouts and bypasses can be installed if a permit is obtained.

MRS 29A-1912

Engine Swap Rules


Nitrous oxide is prohibited for street use in Maine.

MRS 29A-1926

Emissions Testing


Only Cumberland County requires emissions testing in Maine.

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